I Went To a Tarot Reader: What Did She Get Right?

Liis Beth
5 min readDec 29, 2020

Last year I decided to visit a tarot card reader, because who else can tell you better what to do with your life for 70 Euros than a random person with a pack of cards! Kidding aside, I believe there are people out there who are more sensitive and who have the skills to read and analyze the cards. But let’s be honest, most of them have pretty questionable expertise. As far as I know, it is a rather unregulated business, so the recommendations travel mostly by word of mouth. And, of course, a tarot reader who managed to predict your girlfriend’s aunt’s husband’s new apartment closing date correctly, doesn’t mean the same reader can tell you what is your actual career calling.

I primarily did it out of curiosity and took the whole experience rather as entertainment than valuable advice. Of course, I hoped to get some insights about my current life situation as well as about the future, but at the same time I had exactly zero expectations towards the outcome. As preparation is everything, I went to this prominent and well-known tarot reader with a list of questions and later noted down all the answers. Since she was predicting future only for one year ahead (until August 2020), I think it is the perfect time to check on the facts now. Here we go:

  • I have had many tears in in the recent months (in 2019) — Correct

With breaking my knee, which required several surgeries, and being dumped by my ex-boyfriend less than a week after the accident in a city where I don’t have family or many friends, I was really put in an extremely vulnerable situation. And yes, it made me cry more than ever.

  • There will be changes expecting me between August 2019 and August 2020: I supposed to move, either buy or rent a new apartment — False

Has this been in my mind? Yes, I love to play with this idea, but I always come to a conclusion that it is better to stay where I am right now.

  • Changes at work. When I return to work after my sick leave (I was out of office on a 11-month sick leave until January 2020), there will be a LOT of work expecting me. But somehow these changes will suit me. — Correct and false

Does working 220h in one month qualify as a lot of work? I think this qualifies as a “yes”. Does this change suit me? I can only say: I don’t know many people who love to work overtime and consequently have a non-existent personal life. Even though having all these new work responsibilities has definitely helped towards developing upon my professional skills, I think one can also grow without working themselves sick. Will I ever benefit from all this hard work I have put in? I guess future will reveal itself on that one. To this date, I have not profited from this situation, but life has shown that sometimes the aftermath can be done only after months, if not years.

  • I am going to leave Germany within a year (to somewhere far away by August 2020) — False

Still living in Frankfurt am Main at this point.

  • I won’t be finding a man or getting children within the year ahead (August 2019 — August 2020). However, there will be lots of flirting and passion. — Correct and false

I have been dating a guy since November 2019, but obviously no children.

  • I won’t be having a second surgery on my knee — False

I had a second surgery on October 2019

  • I will change the orthopedic doctor though — Correct

If you were to ask me if I am happy with the results and what I got out of this reading, I would say I am OK with it, as I took this experience as entertainment. However, I wouldn’t go to this specific reader again. I suppose I mean that I am not against the readings overall, but I do believe you somehow need to be able to connect with your reader or psychic, and I simply didn’t feel the connection with this specific person.

I also asked my friend Astrid who has been studying tarot for over a year and who also offers tarot services to comment on this (just to be clear, she was not the one who did my reading in 2019).

Astrid is a tarot reader based in New York City.

Liis: “We all know that tarot readers and fortune tellers most likely are not able to predict the future or give you any credible advice, but what is the reason why we are drawn to spend on our money on them?”

Astrid: “Very interesting questions, Liis. I think this article may give people preliminary information on what to expect and what not to expect from a tarot reader.

First, tarot reader is not a supernatural person with god’s power to tell you everything you want. Of course, there are clairvoyant people who “receive” information from anywhere: coffee sediment, crystal ball, metaphorical images, tarot cards, etc. This does not refer to all people with the deck in their hands.

Second, tarot is a scientific-philosophical tool, which explains Life in its wider sense, Destiny, Karmic roots of a situation, types of energies surrounding us, etc. Can the cards tell you what energies you will be living in during the next month or the entire year? Yes. Can the cards tell you what exactly will happen to you within the scope of those energies? Not always. Yes, there is what philosophers call a “Big Destiny”, where all major events HAVE to happen to you as a part of your mission on this planet. Yet, on the other hand, there is the so-called “course of life”, which we have control over and can direct it towards any direction we Choose.

We should understand that Future is not a static geographical location, where we are heading towards anyway. We make decisions every day, and each decision leads us to one type of a future. People are born with a Free Will and tarot cards respect that.

Answering your question:

Well, tarot readers, in the purest sense of the word, are people helping other people, just like therapists, life coaches, astrologists, etc. People will always need this “place” where they can be themselves, with all their fears and tears. This is really like going to an ancient Mother, who nurtures you, gives you home for as long as you need, then you leave recharged and full of energy. No matter what the tarot reader tells you, there is always this feeling of clarity or calmness after the reading: “I knew the answers myself”, “this all makes sense now”, “I am strong enough to handle the situation without outside help”, etc.

Whether you choose a therapist, a life coach, an astrologist or a tarot reader, is really a matter of personal taste.”

Liis: “Thank you so much for taking your time to comment this, really great insights! I should probably have talked with you before my session.”

To find out more about Astrid and her tarot services, visit her website: